An annular plug
as unique as your well

Throughout its lifecycle, each well presents its own challenges. The integrity, safety and performance of your asset can be impacted by increased and/or unwanted water production, or integrity issues like sustained casing pressure. To overcome this you need a solution that’s as individual as your well.

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Our annular isolation solution precisely delivers a seal to your well.

Using a tailored sealing solution, we accurately plug the annulus in both vertical and horizontal wells. Delivered in a single well run by our patented downhole delivery tool, CannSeal technology extends the life of your well.

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Re-establish the integrity of your well
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Extend field life and improve recovery
Advanced production facilities

We have developed state-of-the-art testing facilities at our HQ in Stavanger, Norway, to ensure that every stage of a project can be rigorously analysed and tested before deployment.

Along with our production facilities, with several planetary mixers for large-scale epoxy production, we have a fully-equipped lab for reviewing and qualifying our solutions. 

To simulate real well conditions, we have invested in a 40-meter-deep test well, with full temperature and pressure capabilities, as well as an 18-meter-long horizontal test well.

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Latest News and Events
CannSeal unlocks a reduction in gas production from a lower reservoir section in a gravel packed completion
21 June 2021
In an industry first, CannSeal effectively reduced gas production from a lower zone, placing an annular plug to seal off the 20/40 gravel packed annulus and work in combination with a choke.

CannSeal's ZonalSeal technology for pin-point accuracy with the placement of the annular plug while installing a gravel pack completion in a single operation
New Appointment – Welcome Brynjulv Kvåle, CannSeal Senior Project Engineer
12 May 2021
CannSeal are delighted to announce the appointment of Brynjulv Kvåle as Senior Project Engineer. Brynjulv brings over 20 years of experience to the role, including extensive knowledge of well intervention, wireline operations, cased hole services and customer relations in offshore projects.
CannSeal is now
an Interwell Company
4 November 2020
Interwell AS has acquired 100% of the shares in CannSeal AS
Interwell is a leading provider of wellbore technology with products qualified to the highest standards for well barrier and well integrity needs for the oil & gas industry.
Interwell is a global provider of plugs, packers, and straddle solutions for challenging well applications within the area of high temperatures, high pressure, and high expansion.