16 September 2019
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16 September 2019

CannSeal launches new mobile mixer, opening up additional markets and facilitating quicker deployment
  • On-site mixing ensures the epoxy is independent of storage time constraints, opening up new markets further afield

  • Mobile mixers allows CannSeal's team to adjust for well temperatures on-site

  • CannSeal's high viscosity resin has unique properties and can be injected into a cement micro annulus or into open voids or large channels 

Stavanger, 16 September 2019 - CannSeal, the annular isolation technology specialist, has announced the launch of its new mobile mixer technology. Facilitating the company's proprietary epoxy resin to be mixed on-site, the mobile mixer opens up new markets independent of location as it removes constrictions associated with storage and curing times.

CannSeal's tested and qualified epoxy is tailored to the specific challenges of each well. The mobile mixer allows the resin to be developed immediately before installation, with the ability to adjust for well temperature on site.

With the highest viscosity on the market, up to 4 million (cP), the epoxy resin is injected into the annulus using CannSeal’s patented delivery tool. This process avoids the need for heavy workovers, creating a cost-effective, alternative sealing solution. Designed to target two key industry challenges, the mobile mixer is available to use on both of CannSeal’s products - IntegritySeal and ZonalSeal.  The fully adaptable solution extends well life by re-establishing well barriers in the hardest-to-reach areas with minimal interruption to production. 

CannSeal’s Chief Executive Officer, Bengt Gunnarsson, commented: “The new mobile mixerrepresents a significant investment in our global expansion. As word about our technology’s capabilities spread, the ability to cut lead time was a question we received frequently. As a team of scientists and engineers, we took on the challenge to do this and we are very proud of our resulting mobile mixer.

With a track record of over 50 successful runs onshore and offshore, we look forward to opening up new markets with this technology.”

A new partnership with Houston-based Renegade Service was announced earlier this month, which saw Renegade Services exclusively launch CannSeal’s IntegritySeal and ZonalSeal products to the US market. The US is a strategic market for CannSeal’s technology due to the huge number of wells with integrity issues. 


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