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Case studies

CannSeal has an extensive track record, with zonal isolation and integrity operations that overcome even the most complex of well challenges. Our case studies provide details on how our ZonalSeal and IntegritySeal technologies have provided innovative solutions for our clients.
Neptune Duva K-3AH Case Study: CannSeal and Neptune Energy complete another industry-first sealing of reservoir sections by placing Epoxy plugs.

With a solution unique to the industry, CannSeal and Neptune Energy installed ultra-high viscosity annular plugs in an open annulus to achieve zonal isolation. The application overcame complex well issues and complications with swell packers to enable further well completions. 

CannSeal unlocks a reduction in gas production from a lower reservoir section in a gravel packed completion

In an industry first, CannSeal effectively reduced gas production from a lower zone, placing an annular plug to seal off the 20/40 gravel packed annulus and work in combination with a choke. CannSeal’s ZonalSeal technology allowed for pin-point accuracy with the placement of the annular plug while installing a gravel pack completion in a single operation

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Cannseal unlocks development of an additional reservoir by restoring integrity to an unconventional cement packer design

In order to produce an additional reservoir, the wellbore had been sealed and the A-annulus was filled with cement. When production started, both the A- and B-annuli developed gas influx issues. CannSeal’s IntegritySeal achieved primary objective of reducing gas leak to within acceptable limits

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