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Comprehensive facilities

Our sealant solutions and delivery tools are developed in-house in our state-of-the-art testing and workshop facilitates in Stavanger, Norway. 


Based upon client specifications and the particular challenges of each well, our epoxy sealant is developed and mixed at our on-site lab.  

Equipped with viscometers, texture analyzers and incubators, our labs ensure we focus on quality; conducting detailed analysis work during product development.


Once the product is finalised, our vacuum lab mixers ensure the same quality is assured in the end product.


Our production workshop includes several planetary mixers, each fully customised to ensure high quality production.

Capable of mass production, we operate a large scale, high capacity planetary mixer, along with a large ultrasonic bath.

To ensure we are ready to deploy our solutions anywhere in the world, several of our mixers are mobile units.


With advanced mechanical workstations, our tool mechanics can focus on developing and advancing our unique solutions.

All equipment checkout and testing is rigorously conducted onsite in our extensive test areas.


To ensure our tool will perform as expected in the temperatures and pressures of a real-well situation, we have invested in two industry-leading test wells.  This enables us to conduct extensive pre-deployment trials, mimicking the conditions expected downhole.

Test well

Created in 2014, our 40-meter-deep test well enables us to simulate the well conditions that the tool will be exposed to during a project.

Complete with full temperature and pressure control capabilities, the well can be operated up to a current maximum of 90°C and 300 bar.

Horizontal test well

In addition to our vertical test well, we also have a horizontal 18-meter-long test cell to assure accuracy and effectiveness in horizontal wells.  The test cell is rated to 125°C and 300 bar.

Facility hire

We are proud to offer our professional facilities to other businesses who need to undertake research, development or testing.


We recognise that not all businesses have the capital to invest in state of the art equipment and wish to support other companies in their journey by giving them more affordable access to our facilities, as required.

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