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Re-establish the integrity of your well

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lntegrity management is the key to sustaining production and avoiding unplanned downtime over the lifespan of a field. 


Whether it’s mitigating sustained casing pressure or providing a remedial integrity barrier, the successful restoration of well integrity can unlock revenue potential and extend the life of your well.  

By accurately delivering an epoxy sealant into the micro annulus, or sealing off a leaking production packer, well integrity is re-established.  

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Sustained casing pressure in cemented annulus

Requirement: Remediate leaks in the cemented annulus, leading to sustained casing pressure or vent flow in tight or poor quality cement.  A particularly acute issue if outside regulatory limits.

Action: Inject tailored epoxy sealant into the cement matrix, filling the micro-annulus and stopping the leak.  Sealant rheology can be adjusted according to the cement quality.  The sealant can be injected at a high differential pressure into the cement matrix.

Preventing lost circulation in a cement column

Requirement: To avoid or reduce lost circulation in a cement column, particularly during a P&A campaign, due to cementing in the annulus.

Action: Place an epoxy plug foundation for circulation, which is designed to be placed inside an open, or partly-open annulus.  The plug can be placed in any well angle, as the ultra-high-viscous properties of the sealant mean it will not segregate before solidifying.  After placement, the plug can withstand high dynamic forces while circulating in the cement.

Plugging leaks in a well production packer

Requirement: Prevent communication between tubing and casing as a result of a leaking production packer, which may impact production.

Action: Install an individual remedial plug anywhere in the annulus above the leaking packer. This is done by injecting a high density, low viscosity epoxy sealant on top of the production packer.  If the remedial plug needs to be placed higher than the production packer, a foundation plug is first installed. CannSeal’s standard high-viscous sealant is used, prior to injection of the low viscosity epoxy sealant into the primary set plug.

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Plug & Abandonment

IntegritySeal is also applicable for P&A operations and can, for example, prevent lost circulation in the annulus during cementing.  The CannSeal epoxy is currently being developed for permanent P&A operations when injected into the cement micro/macro annulus.

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