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4 May 2022


Introducing Complete Seal - zonal isolation, the CannSeal & Interwell way

At CannSeal, we are in a unique position that allows us to combine our expertise in annular isolation with the industry-leading plugging solutions of our parent company Interwell.


By combining our knowledge, we are able to offer a seal that both plugs the annulus and the wellbore - our unique 'Complete Seal'.

29 December 2021

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 2021: A Year of Company and Industry Firsts at CannSeal 

A commentary and yearly roundup by Thomas Ringe, CannSeal CEO

As we move towards 2022, and the past year begins to come into focus in the rear-view mirror, I wanted to take some time to reflect on 2021 here at CannSeal. 

29 September 2021


CannSeal and Neptune Energy complete another industry-first sealing of reservoir sections by placing Epoxy plugs.


With a solution unique to the industry, CannSeal and Neptune Energy installed ultra-high viscosity annular plugs in an open annulus to achieve zonal isolation. The application overcame complex well issues and complications with swell packers to enable further well completions. 

21 June 2021

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CannSeal unlocks a reduction in gas production from a lower reservoir section in a gravel packed completion


In an industry first, CannSeal effectively reduced gas production from a lower zone, placing an annular plug to seal off the 20/40 gravel packed annulus and work in combination with a choke.

CannSeal’s ZonalSeal technology allowed for pin-point accuracy with the placement of the annular plug while installing a gravel pack completion in a single operation

12 May 2021

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Welcome Brynjulv Kvåle, CannSeal Senior Project Engineer


CannSeal are delighted to announce the appointment of Brynjulv Kvåle as Senior Project Engineer. Brynjulv brings over 20 years of experience to the role, including extensive knowledge of well intervention, wireline operations, cased hole services and customer relations in offshore projects.

4 November 2020

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CannSeal is now an Interwell Company​

Interwell AS has acquired 100% of the shares in CannSeal AS.   Interwell is a leading provider of wellbore technology with products qualified to the highest standards for well barrier and well integrity needs for the oil & gas industry.

21 February 2020

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Cannseal unlocks development of an additional reservoir by restoring integrity to an unconventional cement packer design


  • In order to produce an additional reservoir, the wellbore had been sealed and the A-annulus was filled with cement

  • When production started, both the A- and B-annuli developed gas influx issues

  • CannSeal’s IntegritySeal achieved primary objective of reducing gas leak to within acceptable limits

16 September 2019 


CannSeal launches new mobile mixer, opening up additional markets and facilitating quicker deployment


  • On-site mixing ensures the epoxy is independent of storage time constraints, opening up new markets further afield

  • Mobile mixer allows CannSeal's team to adjust for well temperatures on-site

  • CannSeal's high viscosity resin has unique properties and can be injected into a cement micro annulus or into open voids or large channels 

1 August 2019 

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CannSeal celebrates strategic business investments to support future growth

Today, CannSeal, the specialists in annular isolation technology, announced the launch of its new website and branding proposition.  The news marks an exciting turning point for the Stavanger-based business as it enters new markets and makes strategic investments in its technology and facilities. 

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