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2021: A Year of Company and Industry Firsts at CannSeal

28 December 2021

A commentary and yearly roundup by Thomas Ringe, CannSeal CEO

As we move towards 2022, and the past year begins to come into focus in the rear-view mirror, I wanted to take some time to reflect on 2021 here at CannSeal.

So, what was new in 2021?

In short – a lot! Throughout the year, we continued to focus on innovation, and we were pleased to experience growth on all fronts.

CannSeal – an Interwell company

At the end of last year, we announced the exciting news that we had joined the Interwell family. Now we have completed our first year together with significant growth in our capabilities and breakthroughs in shared operations. As an Interwell company, we are in the position to avail of its wide breadth of resources in order to scale up and bring our unique epoxy solution to more markets. Over the last twelve months, we have completed more operations than the previous two years combined. As a result, we are now preparing to enter new regions including the Middle East.

Working with new clients, in new regions

The last twelve months saw us begin work with customers across Europe and explore new relationships with key players around the globe. These customers include major global operators who continued to show their support for, and belief in, the CannSeal technology as an alternative solution for initial completions and retrofits. Neptune and other major operators in the North Sea are amongst those with whom we have successfully completed our first operations with this year. We value these close collaborative relationships highly and have achieved huge successes while working with them.

Expanding the team and capabilities Along with new client relationships, our team has also grown. In May, we welcomed a new team member, Brynjulv Kvåle, a Senior Project Engineer. Brynjulv joined us with over 20 years of experience in the industry and specific expertise in well intervention, wireline operation, cased hole services and customer relations in offshore projects.

We were also pleased to see the return of three team members - Jonathan Eugen Olsen, Ronny Sola and Trond Montgomery. These long-standing employees are vital assets to the CannSeal family, and we are delighted to have them back with us.

While onsite, our team now has even wider capabilities throughout downhole processes. In November, CannSeal gained its explosives import license, meaning perforations of the liner/casing using the patented CannSeal downhole delivery tool can now be conducted by our highly skilled team. This will allow us to minimise time and costs as a result. We completed our first operation under the license on a North Sea well this October during an operation for a major operator in the region.

A year of industry firsts ‘Firsts’ have been a theme for many of our operations in 2021. We documented multiple industry-first applications of CannSeal technologies on a range of complex well conditions. These include jobs involving gravel packs and open hole annuli.

With Neptune Energy, we installed eight epoxy plugs on two open annuli well in their early completion stages. Swell packers and Inflow Control Device (ICD) screens had previously been unsuccessful on this well, so we were pleased to provide a successful solution.

With a North Sea operator, we facilitated continued production by sealing off a water producing zone using an epoxy plug in a gravel packed annulus.

These successful projects continue to demonstrate the huge capabilities of our epoxy to prevent costly delays and halts to production.

Planning for the year ahead

As we look ahead to the coming year, we are primed to build on our successes from 2021 and cater to the growing global demand for bespoke epoxy intervention solutions. In fact, we are mobilising for future work in the Middle East as we speak, with support from our colleagues in Interwell. Jonathan Eugen Olsen, CannSeal Operations Manager, will be leading training and development for our new markets as we continue to expand our capabilities.

Closer to home, we continue to develop and fine-tune the epoxy products and technologies that have offered one-of-a-kind solutions to our customers. We’ll soon be looking for further additions to the team to support these new operations.

As we look forward to the road ahead and all that the new year brings, all that’s left for me to say is a massive thank you to our customers, colleagues, and friends for your support over the past year. I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year from myself and the CannSeal team.

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