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CannSeal celebrates strategic business investments to support future growth

31 July 2019

Today, CannSeal, the specialists in annular isolation technology, announced the launch of its new website and branding proposition. The news marks an exciting turning point for the Stavanger-based business as it enters new markets and makes strategic investments in its technology and facilities.

A major overhaul of the company's website and branding proposition was undertaken by Stavanger-based energy marketing specialists, Project Neon. The new brand architecture introduces ZonalSeal and IntegritySeal, which provide a distinct, application based visual identity to reinforce the existing company brand. Optimising the company's website and marketing is part of the strategy to position it for international growth.

The business has made other significant investments in new tools, including an upgrade of the temperature range to 120°C, and a portable Epoxy mixing machine that will allow Cannseal to mix High Viscous Epoxy directly at the well site. This enables CannSeal to enter new markets in the USA and Asia and to decrease the lead time for delivering its industry-leading technology. More information on both the completed and upcoming operations will be announced later this year.

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