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Case Study: Industry-first sealing of reservoir sections by placing Epoxy plugs

28 September 2021

Neptune Duva K-3AH Case Study: CannSeal and Neptune Energy complete another industry-first sealing of reservoir sections by placing Epoxy plugs.

  • With a solution unique to the industry, CannSeal and Neptune Energy installed ultra-high viscosity annular plugs in an open annulus to achieve zonal isolation.

  • The application overcame complex well issues and complications with swell packers to enable further well completions.


The Challenge

During the drilling and completion of Neptune’s Energy’s Duva K-3AH, wellbore challenges were experienced prior to running the lower completion with ICD screens and large OD swell packers. To enable further completions on the well, an alternative solution to ensure zonal isolation in an open annulus was required.

The Solution

In collaboration with Neptune Energy, a solution was identified to replace the swell packers with CannSeal annular plugs. These annular plugs would fill and secure the open void while maintaining the original full pipe ID. The CannSeal annular plug solution was selected as a contingent solution by Neptune Energy based on Cannseal’s successful work on Gjøa P1. In Gjøa P1 Epoxy sealant was injected into the gravel pack to achieve completion of the well section. As the technology can also be applied to an open annulus, which was the case on K-3AH, CannSeal was selected as a contingent option. To apply the Epoxy in this way, the CannSeal w/l deployed tool was run to the target locations together with Altus tractoring and CCL correlation. The tool was used to perforate the blank sections placed between the ICD screens and inject an ultra-high viscous epoxy sealant into the open void outside the 6 5/8” pipe, creating an annular plug while leaving the original full pipe ID. Each sealant injection consisted of 38 liters of high viscous sealant, estimating a coverage length of 2,64 meters. ​​

The Result

Without the large OD swell packers, the lower completion was run and successfully set at target depth. Using a method of one wireline run per installation, four annular plugs were successfully installed in the open annulus. This process completed the lower completion with a contingency method of reaching the original design’s objective of zonal isolation. With a successful installation of a zonal isolation solution unique to the industry, Neptune was able to move forward with the remaining completion on the well. This industry-first application of CannSeal’s Zonal Seal solution as an alternative to swell packers, provides the basis for further application that overcome complex well completion challenges.

CannSeal’s Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Ringe, commented:

“We are delighted to have worked together with Neptune Energy to develop and demonstrate alternative zonal isolation solutions using CannSeal ZonalSeal.” “With this industry-first solution, and the support of a valued client, we have expanded the potential of what can be achieved and overcome using our Epoxy. “Similar applications on further Neptune wells support the success of the solution and we look forward to building on this as we continue to innovate and provide bespoke solutions to key industry players.”

Interwell AS became the sole owner of CannSeal in late 2020. Interwell is a leading provider of wellbore technology with products qualified to the highest standards for well barrier and well integrity needs for the oil & gas industry. Interwell is a global provider of plugs, packers, and straddle solutions for challenging well applications within the area of high temperatures, high pressure, and high expansion. Interwell’s technology is designed to be used as barriers or isolation in the reservoir during the production phase – mainly inside tubing and casing.

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