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An annular plug as unique as your well

To extend the life of mature fields, it is critical to maintain production levels and manage well-integrity.  However, conventional annular isolation solutions aimed at addressing these issues are often costly and time consuming.  


CannSeal has developed proprietary well intervention technology which uses a tailored epoxy recipe, specific to the well conditions. This is injected into the annulus using a specialist tool, which avoids the need for coiled tubing operations or heavy workovers, creating a cost-effective, alternative solution. 


Addressing well integrity and zonal isolation

By injecting a tailored epoxy sealant into the annulus at a pre-defined location using the patented CannSeal delivery tool CannSeal offers unrivaled levels of placement and delivery precision.


Designed to target two key industry challenges; well integrity and zonal isolation, this fully adaptable solution re-establishes well barriers in the hardest-to-reach areas of challenging wells with minimal interruption to production.

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With IntegritySeal, we can efficiently repair and re-establish well barriers as well as it being suitable for use in plugging and abandonment activities. 

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Designed to address water shut-off issues, ZonalSeal can be used as an effective solution for remedial annular isolation in both producing and injection wells.

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Extend field life

By reducing unwanted water production, mature wells can benefit from significantly enhanced recovery factors

Save time

The CannSeal tool includes all modules and elements, including the epoxy sealant, required to set an annulus plug in a single operation.

Low cost intervention option

Unlike traditional methods for sealing off behind casings, CannSeal does not require a full well workover, with platform derricks or a rig as a workstation. Run as any standard wireline operation, considerable savings in rig time and cost can be achieved.

Effective in horizontal wells 

The CannSeal viscous epoxy sealant is designed to stay in place and not slump during placement and curing, making it more effective than other sealing materials in both vertical and horizontal wells.  

Unrivalled accuracy

By delivering the epoxy into the well in sealed canisters, operators have full control over sealant placement, volume and pumping pressure. This results in a precise seal within the annulus

Epoxy resin

A superior material for stopping gas or liquid flow in an annulus

Downhole delivery tool

Can be run on wireline as a single, standalone operation, with no need for rig-assist

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How it works

1-Tool-Run-In-Hole-141205 (cropped).jpg

Our patented delivery tool is run to the pre-defined problem area of the well

5-Perforation-141205 (cropped).jpg

The tool is anchored precisely and the tubing is perforated

8-Injection-Pads-Align-141205 (cropped).

The injection module is aligned across the perforated holes

9-Injection-Start-141205 (cropped).jpg

The premixed epoxy is injected into the annulus, fully controlled by the CannSeal operator

10-Injection-Complete-141205 (cropped).j

The annulus communication is sealed off by the epoxy plug

11-Epoxy-In-Hole-141205 (cropped).jpg

The tool is retracted from the well and the annulus is now isolated

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